Established in 1995, the Center for Implantology and Dental Aesthetics located in Lisbon is the Group Headquarters, serving as the reference model to apply to our other Clinics.

Located 10 minutes from the Lisbon Airport in a bustling traffic area, MALO CLINIC Lisbon is placed in a modern eighteen-storey building which integrates several health and wellness complementary business areas, aiming to achieve service efficiency and patient satisfaction throughout an integrated service logic model.

  • 127 Dental offices;
  • 70 Medical offices dedicated to several medical specialties inserted at MALO CLINIC Medical Care;
  • 14 Surgical rooms equipped with the most advanced technology meeting the needs of Dental Care and Medical Care ambulatory surgery;
  • 22 Recovery suites and rooms which allow our patients to have a rest immediately after the surgery with all the comfort and privacy benefiting from the monitoring of our professional team;

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Av. dos Combatentes, nº43
1600-042 Lisboa
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Phone: (+351) 217 228 100
Fax: (+351) 217 266 965

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday:
7:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.
7:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

About MALO CLINIC Lisbon

  • Imagiology service equipped with the most recent methods for diagnosis;
  • Fixed Prosthesis Laboratory, MALO CLINIC Ceramics, equipped with advanced CT Scanning Technology and a team of 70 higher-education prosthetic technicians guaranteeing maximum quality and quick response capability;
  • Advanced Training Center, MALO CLINIC Education, including 2 conference rooms, one for 70 people and the other for 20, assuring continuous training for Dental Surgeons and Dental Assistants and also serving the purpose of spreading scientific knowledge through all national and international medical community.
  • Medical exams complementary service, which promotes preventative medicine in a non-aggressive environment, benefiting from state-of-the-art technology and a specialized technical team.

For the convenience and comfort of our patients and their companion, MALO CLINIC Lisbon offers a wide array of amenities available in several spacious and elegant decorated waiting areas, including cinema zone, cyber point, reading area and a bar with panoramic view over Lisbon. A children’s play area named MALO Kids was conceived, so children can have fun while waiting for their appointment. In this way, going to the dentist or to other medical appointment can be a different and positive experience.

In order to serve the needs of our patients and investing on services’ complementarity we also provide an Esthetics Center, a Beauty Center, a Fitness Club, a Restaurant, a health and wellness products’ store, and a corner with optics services.

For your convenience and comfort MALO CLINIC Lisbon has also a private Car Park with 400 parking spaces and a car washing service located at floor -4.

In case you choose the public transport network, we are located just 100m from a bus stop (755, 764, 768), 800m from the blue line underground station (“Jardim Zoológico”) and 1Km from the yellow line (“Cidade Universitária”). There is also a taxi stop about 50m distance by foot.

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Since I am your patient, I recovered my confidence in all my relationships and I’m smiling again.

said Helena Espirito Santo

I want to express my deepest appreciation to all of those who contributed to the success of my treatment.

said Maria Magalhães

I want to thank all the team led by Dr Paulo Malo, who accompanied me in my surgeries. Once again my sincere thanks to all.

said Carlos Alberto

It was an honor to meet such a great clinic, with competent professionals and an excellent organizational structure. Congratulations to all the team for your organization and skills.

said Gabriela Consalter

Congratulations for all the attention, interest and affection that you deliver for over three years now since I am your patient.

said Guillermo Navarro Rodriguez

Congratulations also for the magnificent organization you made and for the professionals with the personal and human virtues indispensable in such delicate activity.

said Guillermo Navarro Rodriguez

Thanks to all your splendid team for treating me in such a friendly, cordial and professional way.

said Joaquim Caetano

I have no words to express my gratitude. Dr Paulo is the world’s biggest and greatest entrepreneur.

said Ana Capa

Exciting! Marvellous! Comforting! These are just some words that I can use to talk about my experience at MALO CLINIC. A dream came true!

said Ana Capa

Without suffering and in only a few hours, using state-of-the-art technology, MALO CLINIC solved my problem and I left with a smile that in a long time I didn’t thought was possible to have.

said Ana Capa

I can be a supporting actor again at Theatres and Operas, and maybe even take part in advertisements!

said Sérgio Roque

Firstly, I would like to thank Dr Paulo Malo and his excellent team. They were fantastic with me!

said Teresa Guerreiro

At work people tell me that I am a new person. Thanks to Dr Paulo, I feel much more confidant.

said Marina Silva

Thanks to MALO CLINIC, I look myself at the mirror and it seems like I’m dreaming.

said Adelaide Ferreira

I am now a new person, so different and so more beautiful!

said Sofia Alexandra

I’m feel I’m a new woman. MALO CLINIC is a miracle worker!

said Teresa Récio

Most of the people didn’t recognize me!

said Fátima Ferreira

I am very satisfied to chosen MALO CLINIC and benefited from the services and cares that were provided by the entire team.

said Maria Teresa Rogado

It’s someone else that I see reflected at the mirror I can´t see the “old” Patricia.

said Patrícia Pacheco

It's amazing, I have no words. I can now eat normally. It was a miracle!

said Ana Ferreira

It's a pleasure to enter at MALO CLINIC, is to praise all the commitment and dedication of the team during treatment.

said Manuel Silva

I have no words to express my thanks to the MALO CLINIC’s team. They were incredible friendly and helpful to me. Thank you for all your dedication and effort.

said Ângela Paixão

During 5 years I just eat soup. But one day Dr. Paulo Malo appeared in my life just like a miracle.

said Manuel Silva

Dr. Paulo rebuilt my self-esteem. He rebuilt the woman I am today.

said Bárbara Alves

It is thanks to Paulo Malo and his all team that I have today the confidence and the free will that allow me to go outside.

said Bárbara Alves

I admire and respect Dr Paulo Malo for being the visionary and worker that he is, and for the devotion and passion that he puts into his work.

said Manuel Luís Goucha

To my smile, I only have to join the truth. And with I give myself to the others every day. Thank you so much, Dr. Paulo Malo.

said Manuel Luís Goucha
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